5 More TED Talks on Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

The Tomb Raider games may have whet your appetite for all things ancient but if you really want to indulge your inner archaeologist, put down your game controller and find out what the real experts have to say about this exciting field of study. From the digital preservation of vulnerable heritage sites to the discovery of ancient sites through satellite imagery, these five TED talks offer unique insights into how 21st century archaeology and heritage preservation is being conducted. 1) Sarah Parcak: Hunting For Peru’s Lost Civilizations – With Satellites TED Fellow and “Space Archaeologist” Sarah Parcak talks about GlobalXplorer, a citizen science platform that relies on an ever-growing team of volunteers to scour high-resolution satellite photos for signs of looting or undiscovered archaeological sites. As Parcak explains, this innovative tool is currently being used to monitor and map possible sites in Peru but will be used to monitor other archaeological hotspots across the Americas, Middle East, and elsewhere in the near future. ********* 2) Sarah Parcak: Help Discover Ancient Ruins – Before It’s Too Late Another talk from the self-styled space archaeologist. This time, Professor Parcak talks about looting, the destruction of archaeological sites worldwide, her mission to democratise the process of archaeological […]

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