8 Egyptology Blogs You Should Be Following

If you’re looking for some quality blogs on Ancient Egyptian history, language, or art, then look no further. All of the blogs listed below have been handpicked for their educational value, originality, and accessibility to the general public. Please note that this is an updated (and slightly expanded) version of the list I published back in September 2013. Blogs come and go. Some have vanished off the face of the Earth since the original list was published and new ones have risen up in their place. So, without further ado, here are eight Egyptology blogs that get the Archaeology of Tomb Raider stamp of approval! 1)  The Egyptiana Emporium  This blog is run by Gemma Ellen Wood, an Egyptology graduate and part-time PhD student, whose key interests are Egyptian language and texts, Egyptian archaeology, the Achaemenid Periods, and Middle Kingdom stelae. The main focus of the blog is Egyptian archaeology, the examination of museum pieces, and the author’s own research. Readers will particularly enjoy her Tuesday Tomb series (which explores the discovery and art of royal tombs) and Hello Mummy, a blog series that showcases some of the famous faces of Ancient Egypt. 2) Nile Scribes Launched in 2017, Nile Scribes is a dual-language blog moderated by […]

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