At PAX West this weekend? Check out all the cool Shadow of the…

At PAX West this weekend? Check out all the cool Shadow of the Tomb Raider activities we’ve got going on!

All Weekend: Play the Game

You can play Shadow of the Tomb Raider ahead of it’s September 14 release date (September 12 for those of you who have preordered!) at the Square Enix booth – #2141. Be sure to check out other great Square games including Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Kingdom Hearts III, Life is Strange 2, and The Quiet Man!

Custom SOTTR Xbox Scavenger Hunt

Visit the Xbox booth for your chance to win a custom Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X!

Collect half of Shadow’s dagger at the Xbox booth to begin – North Hall, 4th Floor, Booths 403, 411, 417. The second half will be handed out all weekend by official Lara Croft cosplay ambassador Jenn Croft. Find her on the show floor – she’ll move every 2-3 hours – and assemble the full dagger. Once you have the full dagger, take a picture, tag it with #LaraCroftXboxSweepstakes, @TombRaider, and @Xbox on Twitter, for your official entry!. 

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Saturday: Panel Schedule

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Uncovering the Hidden City of Paititi

4:30 PM / Wyvern Theater

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is filled with many surprises and secrets. Perhaps the biggest discovery Lara Croft will make is the hidden city of Paititi, a civilization untouched by modern culture and the largest hub ever created in a Tomb Raider game. Moderated by Andrea Rene, join the team behind Lara Croft’s defining moment as she becomes the Tomb Raider.

Panelists: Dan Chayer-Bisson [Game Director], Mario Chabtini [Senior Producer], Rich Briggs [Senior Brand Director], Andrea Rene [Moderator]

Maestros of Video Games

2:00 PM / Sasquatch Theater

What does it take to write music for games? Hear from several of the industry’s leading composers as they share their experiences and discuss the craft of scoring music for video games.  Featuring the award-winning composers of Halo, Destiny, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Fallout, Mafia, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and many more!

Panelists: Inon Zur [Composer], Jack Wall [Composer], Brian D’Oliveira [Composer], Jesse Harlin [Composer], Marty O’Donnell [Composer / Audio Director], Sebastian Wolff [Founder, Materia Collective]

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