Dark Horse Announces New Series, ‘Tomb Raider: Inferno’

The current run of Tomb Raider comics, Survivor’s Crusade, is drawing to a close on April 4 but Dark Horse has announced that Lara Croft will be back for yet another adventure and, this time, she may have met her match. The new four-part mini-series, Tomb Raider: Inferno, will be written by Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly, the duo responsible for Survivor’s Crusade, and sees Lara take on Trinity once more. But, this time, the sinister organization has a trick up its sleeves: a new operative who’s prepared for anything our heroine can throw at them. Fans of Mariko Tamaki’s 2016 series will be thrilled to hear that artist Phillip Sevy – who provided the exquisite interior art for Tamaki’s series – will be joining Lanzig, Kelly, and colourist Michael Atiyeh for this new project. Atiyeh is another returning franchise veteran; his previous work includes the 2016 series, the five-part mini-series Lara Croft & the Frozen Omen, and, most recently, the Survivor’s Crusade mini-series. While some fans may be suffering from Trinity fatigue, Lanzig has promised that there will also be plenty of archaeological antics in the new series, including “the oldest tomb in the world – a seemingly endless […]


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