Maya Numerals for Beginners

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is coming our way later this year and while we don’t know much about the upcoming game at the time of writing, it’s no secret that the game will be touching on Maya civilisation and mythology. The first piece of official artwork features a Maya temple towering over dense jungle foliage and the official site used a series of Maya-themed puzzles throughout March and April to promote Lara’s next adventure. In a couple of these puzzles, numerical values were assigned to each of the glyphs and fans were then instructed to line up the glyphs correctly in order to unlock the signs for a significant date. The glyphs used in these puzzles may not have been accurate representations of the glyph forms of Maya numerals but let’s take a quick look at the numerals used in the example below. The symbol in the centre of the three rings of glyphs is the Maya equivalent of the number “8”, which is represented by three dots and a bar. The dots each have a numerical value of 1, while the bar has a numerical value of 5 (i.e. 1+1+1+5 = 8). The four symbols in the boxes […]


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