Official ‘Tomb Raider’ Site Teases Fans With Audio Clues About Lara Croft’s Next Adventure

Fans who visited the official Tomb Raider site throughout March and April will no doubt have tried their hand at solving the Maya-themed puzzles being used to promote Shadow of the Tomb Raider. And to reward their efforts, Square Enix was kind enough to share some tiny clues about Lara Croft’s upcoming adventure. One of these clues was this piece of promotional artwork, which depicts a Pre-Columbian (most likely Maya) site hidden away in a tropical rainforest. The audio clips released as rewards for completing the level three and four puzzles confirm that her friend, Jonah Maiava, will be returning in the upcoming game. And while we’ve been led to believe that Lara’s latest quest will take her to Central America, the clips suggest that our heroine may be heading further south. Audio Clip No.1 Lara: “To find the hidden city, go south along the shore until you find the pink fish.” Jonah: “I’ve found something for that. It’s pink dolphins, found only in the Amazon.”  Ignoring the fact that dolphins aren’t actually fish (they’re mammals, Jonah), this clue points us towards South America, specifically the Amazon rainforest and river basin. The pink dolphin, also referred to as the Amazon river […]


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