Taste Raider: Ch’arki and Chuños (Part 1)

Whenever we think of culture or cultural identity, we may be tempted to think of arts and crafts, mythology, literature, clothing, rituals. But food and culinary traditions are also forms of cultural expression and can give us a deeper insight into that culture’s history, development, and values. Tomb Raider Horizons’ new food-centric feature, Taste Raider, will explore some of the dishes and food traditions seen in the Tomb Raider games and spin-off media. In the 2018 game Shadow of the Tomb Raider, the ever-intrepid Lara Croft comes across a bowl filled with ch’arki and chuños in the Hidden City of Paititi and in this edition, we’ll be taking a closer look at the former, ch’arki, which is a salted and freeze-dried meat product that originated in South America and dates back to the days of the Inca Empire, possibly even earlier. The Inca Trails Are Paved With Ch’arki It may be a common ingredient in our modern-day kitchens but to the average ancient Andean, meat was considered a rare treat, usually reserved for special occasions and eaten sparingly. The average diet was largely vegetarian, consisting of grains (such as quinoa and kaniwa), tubers (such as potatoes, oca, and ullukus), legumes (such as […]

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