Christophe Croft’s ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’ Tonner Doll Collection

Mattel may have released a Lara Croft Barbie doll to celebrate the release of the 2018 film but Tomb Raider fans have been collecting and creating custom clothing for their Tonner Doll Lara Croft dolls long before Alicia Vikander stepped into the intrepid adventurer’s boots. One of these devoted fans is Christophe Croft, who has kindly shared photos of his Shadow of the Tomb Raider doll collection with Tomb Raider Horizons. I asked Christophe about his growing collection of Tonner Dolls and what inspired him to recreate his favourite looks and scenes from the bestselling 2018 game. According to Christophe, he has been a fan of the Tonner Doll Company’s Lara Croft dolls ever since they first appeared on the market in 2008 and he has been collecting and customising them for years. His Tonner Doll costumes were handcrafted and sewn by his friend Florence based on the specifications and reference photos he provided her with. When asked what materials were used to create these custom outfits, Christophe replied that Florence normally uses store-bought fabrics or re-purposes old clothes of hers while he relies on 3D printing to recreate Lara’s weapons and other accessories. Once a new outfit is ready […]

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