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    STARTING A NEW GAMEOnce you create a profile, you proceed to the Main Menu. If you’re ready to start your adventure with Lara, select Start Game. If you’d prefer to learn how to control Lara in a less dangerous environment, select Play Croft Manor to explore Lara’s home.DIFFICULTY SETTINGWhen you start a new game, an Options screen appears, allowing you to set a game difficulty level: Easy, Medium (default) or Hard. Difficulty is set at the beginning of the game, and cannot be changed during your adventure. Once you beat a level, you can replay it at any difficulty level.SAVING & LOADING THE GAMESAVING YOUR PROGRESSEvery game level has game save checkpoints. The word Checkpoint appears at the bottom of the screen when Lara passes a checkpoint.• The game uses an Autosave feature that saves your progress every time Lara passes a checkpoint. (Starting a new game automatically overwrites the autosave.)• To save manually at any time, press Esc to access the Pause Menu, and select Save. You can save between checkpoints, but Lara will always appear at the most recently passed checkpoint when a save is loaded.SAVING REWARDSWhen you replay a level, the Save Rewards option becomes available. This stores any rewards you’ve picked up, though it does not save your location within a level.LOADING A SAVED GAME FROM THE MAIN MENUOnce you have a game in progress and data saved, Start Game in the Main Menu will be replaced by Play Game. Select this to resume your most recent save, load saved games, or replay completed levels.BASIC MENU CONTROLS←/→ Select option; Increase/Decrease setting slider↑/↓ Change selected option settingEnter key - Confirm/Next menuesc key  - Cancel/Previous menu•Some menus have option-specific controls. Controls and actions for any menu item are displayed on-screen below the menu.MAIN MENU•Start Game/Play Game Start or continue a game.•Play Croft Manor Visit and explore Lara's expansive Manor throughout the game.•Options Change various game settings.•Rewards View information and bonus content in the game. Complete levels and collect rewards during the game to unlock items, which can then be viewed and selected here.•Change Profile Change the current profile.•Exit Game End the game and return to the desktop.•ControlsRestore Defaults Restore all options to their original settings.Combat Mode Set target-lock method:Advanced Hold – Press the target-lock control to pull out/put away Lara’s guns; firing locks-on to enemy automatically.Advanced Toggle — Hold/Release the target-lock control to pull out/put away Lara’s guns; firing locks-on to enemy automatically.Manual — Hold the target-lock control to lock-on to enemy. Move the camera to another target to lock-on to a different enemy.Manual — Use this option with your gamepad.Manual Grab Turn On/Off. When On, Lara will only hold onto objects in her environment when the ctrl key is held down.Mouse Sensitivity Set - mouse sensitivity using the slide bar.•GamepadGamepad Enable/disable; select any connected gamepad.Vibration Set On/Off. When On, the controller vibrates in response to game events.Gamepad Axes Set right stick X & right stick Y/right stick Y & right stick X/Disabled.Invert Gamepad X-Axis Set to Yes/No.Invert Gamepad Y-Axis Set to Yes/No.•CalibrationBrightness Adjust screen brightness (0-100). Contrast Adjust screen contrast (0-100).•Language Choose your own language.•Display ModeWidth System dependent.Height Dependent on width selected.Refresh Rate Set to 60Hz/70Hz.Aspect Ratio Set to Auto/4:3/16.9/16.10.•Cheats Turn various cheats (once unlocked) On/Off.GAME MENUThis menu appears when you select Play Game on the Main Menu.•Resume Game Continue your game from the most recently saved checkpoint.•Load Game Select a game save from the displayed list and press the enter key to load.•Replay Level Display a list of previously completed levels (based on a loaded profile). Replay these levels to collect missing rewards, play on different difficulties, or attempt a Time Trial.OPTIONS MENUSound Music Volume Adjust music volume. SFX Volume Adjust sound effects volume. Voice Volume Adjust Lara’s volume (in-game).DisplayHint Icons Turn On/Off. Hint icons show control inputs for given situations.Commentary Markers  - Turn On/Off. If On, Lara can interact with the markers to hear Director’s Commentary about her current location.Fullscreen Effects - Turn On/Off.Depth of Field - Turn On/Off.Fullscreen Anti-Aliasing System dependent.Shadows - Turn On/Off.Reflections - Turn On/Off.Water Effects - Turn On/Off.•CameraInvert X-Axis - Invert camera left/right movement.Invert Y-Axis-  Invert camera up/down movement.Manual Aim - Invert X-Axis — Invert camera left/right movement in Manual Aim.Invert Y-Axis — Invert camera up/down movement in Manual Aim.REWARDS MENU•Cinematics Replay any cinematics already viewed in the game (for selected profile).•Character Bios Read informational biographies about characters from the game.•Art Galleries View various image galleries showcasing different aspects of the development and history of Tomb Raider: Anniversary.•Outfits View and select unlockable outfits for Lara to wear in-game.•Relics View Relics Lara has collected.•Cheats View list of cheats that have been unlocked.•Commentaries View list of levels that have commentaries unlocked.•Music Listen to various musical tracks from the game.•Credits Check the development credits.•Special Bonus content available only to the most dedicated explorers.IN-GAME PAUSE MENUPress the esc key during gameplay to display the in-game Pause Menu.•Level Statistics View details about the current level including time taken, kills, supplies collected, as well as the number of Artifacts and Relics found.•Options Access the Options Menu to change game settings.•Load Load a saved game.•Save Save a game manually.•Quit Quit to the Main Menu.

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