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    1 Health Meter Lara’s current health level. Replenish with a medipack when necessary.2 Breath Meter Amount of air Lara has left when swimming underwater. If it depletes before Lara surfaces, she will take damage.3 Medipacks Number of large and small medipacks Lara is carrying.4 Selected Weapon Weapon Lara has currently selected.5 Ammo Count Amount of ammunition Lara has available for the selected weapon. The number on the left is the amount in the clip, the number on the right is the total rounds remaining for that weapon.6 Hint Icons These icons show your control inputs for different interactions (i.e. E key to interact with a switch).7 Timer Amount of time remaining to complete a Time Trial (unlock by completing game chapters).8 Enemy Health Meter Remaining health of select enemies.9 Enemy Rage Meter Rage level of select enemies.LARA’S INVENTORYLara is a consummate explorer and adventurer who is always equipped to handle whatever obstacles get in her way. Access Lara’s Inventory by pressing the tab key during the game. Lara’s Inventory consists of two rotating rings of objects: Gear and Items. To use or equip an item from Lara’s Inventory, press the cursor keys ←/→ to cycle the ring to an object, then press the enter key.ITEMSThe Items Ring includes Lara’s journal and any collectible objects Lara discovers during her adventures. Select the Items Ring by pressing the tab key, then pressing the cursor key ↓.JOURNALLara can provide clues about how to progress from her current situation. Use the Journal to hear what Lara is thinking and gain assistance in tricky areas.COLLECTIBLESCollectibles include various objects Lara has collected throughout her adventure including keys, machinery parts and tools.SCION FRAGMENTSPieces of the fabled Scion of Atlantis. Only when all three pieces are combined will its true power be understood.GEARThe Gear Ring includes weapons, health, and other useful equipment. Press the tab key to display the Gear Ring by default: to view it if it is not displayed, press the cursor key ↑.SMALL MEDIPACKSmall health packet. A staple of the rough-and-rugged adventurer, medipacks allow Lara to treat her injuries in the field. Replenishes a quarter of Lara’s health.LARGE MEDIPACKLarge health packet. Replenishes all of Lara’s health.DUAL PISTOLSLara’s trademark weapon, with unlimited ammo. A good all-around weapon.SHOTGUNA heavy damage pump-action shotgun. More effective at close range.DUAL .50 CALIBER PISTOLSA pair of high-caliber pistols. A slightly slower rate of fire than normal pistols is offset by increased damage.DUAL MINI SMGSA pair of mini submachine guns. Incredibly fast rate of fire inflicts extensive damage at the expense of some accuracy.SHOTGUN AMMUNITIONBox of shotgun shells. Before Lara collects the shotgun itself, she can collect ammunition for it..50 CALIBER AMMUNITIONClips of heavy-damage pistol ammunition. Before Lara collects the .50 caliber pistols, she can collect ammunition for them.MINI SMG AMMUNITIONClips of Mini SMG ammunition. Before Lara collects the Dual Mini SMGs, she can collect ammunition for them.GRAPPLING HOOKA metallic grappling hook that can latch onto ring-shaped objects, plus a lengthy wire line and automatic recoiler. Using her grappling hook, Lara can pull on objects from a distance, climb or drop to different heights, swing across large gaps, and run on walls.REWARDSThroughout Lara’s archaeological adventure, you can discover and collect various Artifacts and Relics. Picking up these items opens up bonus content and extra features, such as outfits, concept art and much more. So make sure Lara scours the environment thoroughly! After each level is complete, you will see the reward(s) you have managed to unlock. Select Rewards from the Main Menu to view and select the rewards you have achieved.• Select Replay Level from the Game Menu to replay completed missions with the opportunity of picking up missed items.

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