Jason Chester’s Low-Poly ‘Tomb Raider’ Blender Models

Tomb Raider fans never cease to find creative new ways to celebrate their fandom and pay tribute to the games that inspire them and Jason Chester is no exception. For the past few months, Jason has designed and created low-poly models of each of Tomb Raider I’s levels, all which can be found in his ArtStation portfolio and on his DeviantArt site. From the ruins of the City of Vilcabamba to the Cistern, from Croft Manor to The Great Pyramid, Jason has poured his heart and soul into recreating some of the franchise’s most iconic scenes and locations. I got in touch with Jason to ask him about his models, how he went about creating them, and what inspired him to embark on this ambitious project. Here’s what he had to say: **************** “So, back at the start of last November, I decided it was time to jump into some 3D work. I had always felt overwhelmed by the ultra-realistic renders I had seen others do but eventually found models on a YouTube channel called Polygon Runway. They create small 3D low-polygon models in Blender, which is the software I use to create the pieces and is completely free by […]

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