Angel Of Darkness

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All of the following walkthroughs are in plain text and are printer-friendly, and some are used with the kind permission of Stella! We are in the process of developing our own walkthroughs which will be available as direct downloads, either one level at a time, or the whole game! We’ll add each game as we finish.

Please note: All of our own walkthroughs can be downloaded and printed for your own use, but please ask permission before you distribute any part of them. Thank you.


Unfinished Training Area
(not part of official release)

Level 1: Parisian Back Streets
Level 2: Derelict Apartment Block
Level 3: Industrial Rooftops
Level 4: Margot Carvier’s Apartment
Level 5: Parisian Ghetto
Level 6: The Serpent Rouge
Level 7: St. Aicard’s Graveyard
Level 8: Bouchard’s Hideout
Level 9: Louvre Storm Drains
Level 10: Louvre Galleries
Level 11: Archaeological Dig
Level 12: Tomb of the Ancients
Level 13: The Hall of Seasons
Level 14: The Breath of Hades
Level 15: Neptune’s Hall
Level 16: Sanctuary of the Flame
Level 17: Wrath of the Beast
Level 18: Galleries Under Siege
Level 19: Von Croy’s Apartment


Level 20: The Monstrum Crime Scene
Level 21: The Strahov Fortress
Level 22: Bio-Research Facility
Level 23: The Sanitarium
(play as Kurtis)
Level 24: Maximum Containment
(play as Kurtis)
Level 25: Aquatic Research Area
Level 26: The Vault of Trophies
Level 27: Boaz Returns
(play as Kurtis)
Level 28: The Lost Domain
Level 29: Eckhardt’s Lab

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