Angel Of Darkness PC Controls

CHARACTER CONTROLS Cursor Keys Up/Down — Move forward / step backward. Left/Right — Turn in the appropriate direction on the spot. (sidestep left / right when Walk key is pressed; see below). Shift – (Walk) • Tap to toggle between Run (default) and Walk modes. • While running, press and

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Introduction To Angel Of Darkness

Publisher: Eidos Interactive Developer: Core Design Ltd. Genre: Action-Adventure Game Platform: PC, PS2 Release Date: June 20, 2003 (PS2) / July 1, 2003 (PC) Summary: A series of grisly murders brings Lara into conflict with a sinister Alchemist from the past, and a secret alliance of powerful individuals shrouded in mystery. At the center of these

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AOD Music

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To view the playlist, hover your mouse over the current video and click the 3 bars at the top. This will show the playlist thumbnails and allow you to select which one you want to play.

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