Angel Of Darkness PC Game – Getting Started


1.Quit all applications and close all windows on your desktop.

2.Place the Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness™ CD in your CD-ROM drive. When you close the drive door, the Tomb Raider installation menu will appear. If AutoPlay is disabled, the menu will not appear. To manually access the installation menu:
a. Double click the MyComputer icon on your desktop.
b. Double click the CD-ROM icon that appears in the newly-opened window.
c. Double click setup.exe to open the installation menu.

3.Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.

4.When installation is complete, you will have the option to play the game, quit without playing, or read the Readme text file. Refer to the Readme file for updates, manual alterations and troubleshooting.


Following the opening movie and when prompted, press the Enter key to begin the game. Doing so calls up the Main Menu, offering the following options.


NEW GAME — Prepare to join Lara on a brand new adventure.
LOAD GAME — Proceed to the Saved Game screen, where you can load a previously saved game.
OPTIONS — View and use the Options Menu.


The Options Menu features the following options:

AUDIO — Change the audio settings for: Music Volume, Speech Volume, Effects Volume

Additional Settings — The game attempts to set up the audio configuration automatically. However, you can manually reconfigure them here.

VIDEO — The game code attempts to set up the quality settings automatically. However, you can manually reconfigure them here.

CONTROL — Follow the onscreen instructions to redefine the currently mapped controls.

SUBTITLES — Turn cutscene and FMV subtitles ON (default) or OFF.



CURSOR KEYS / MOUSE — Move through the menus.

MOUSE 1 / ENTER KEY — Make selections.

BACKSPACE — Retreat back one menu level.


Follow the onscreen prompts throughout the movie cutscenes and conversations. Press the Enter key to speed up conversations and confirm prompts.


Press the Tab key to display the Inventory. Use the cursor keys to navigate through the Inventory. Press the Enter key to select an item. Press the Tab key again to exit the Inventory and return to the game. The Inventory is divided into the following sections:

SAVE — View Save Game options. (Shortcut key – F5.)
LOAD — View Load Game options. (Shortcut key – F6.)
WEAPONS — All the weapons that Lara and Kurtis collect during their adventure are held here. Highlight a weapon and press the Enter key to use it. Certain weapons can be loaded with different types of ammunition. When these weapons are highlighted, a sub-option appears allowing you to combine alternate ammunitions. Follow the onscreen instructions that guide you through the re-arming process. Initially Lara has no weapons and the only weaponry available is her hand to hand combat skills.
ITEMS — All the interesting items and artifacts that Lara and Kurtis collect are placed into this section. Highlight an item and press the Enter key to use it. At the start of the game, Lara has only a blood-stained fax as a clue.


To save the game a any point, display the Inventory and select SAVE GAME. (You can also press the F5 shortcut key.) Select a slot and press the Enter key. Your game will be automatically saved and named. If a previously saved game is already held in the slot you select, that game will be overwritten.


To load a previously saved game, open the Inventory and select LOAD GAME. (You can also press the F6 shortcut key.) Select the saved game you want to load and press the Enter key to load it.

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