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All of the following walkthroughs are in plain text and are printer-friendly, and some are used with the kind permission of Stella! We are in the process of developing our own walkthroughs which will be available as direct downloads, either one level at a time, or the whole game! We’ll add each game as we finish.

Please note: All of our own walkthroughs can be downloaded and printed for your own use, but please ask permission before you distribute any part of them. Thank you.


Level 1: Streets of Rome
Level 2: Trajan’s Markets
Level 3: The Colosseum


Level 4: The Base
Level 5: The Submarine
Level 6: Deepsea Dive
Level 7: Sinking Sub


Level 8: Gallows Tree
Level 9: Labyrinth
Level 10: Old Mill


Level 11: 13th Floor
Level 12: Escape with the Iris
Level 13: Red Alert!

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