Part 2-Rio

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    Lara pullled the handbrake and skidded to a halt. Sliding her sunglasses onto her nose, she stepped from the vehicle and qickly assessed her suroundings. Lara peeled her leather jacket from her warm body and discarded it into the back of the vehicle. She made her way through the familiar setting of the open country side in persuit of an old friend.
    Lara found Borack sitting crossed legged, eyes closed on the patch of grassy terain in front of the decreped shanty he called home. Lara smiled to herself as she approached the old man. A face that she’d long missed.
    Borak heard the crunching of dry, crisp grass beneath an intruders feet. In an instance he was on his feet hurling his agile body at the figure before him. The intruder raised her arm stopping the man dead in his tracks.
    “Hello, stranger.” Lara said.
    The man grinned from ear to ear and threw his arms aroung his friend. “Lara,” he exclaimed. “What a lovely suprise.”
    “I would have called,” she replied dryly. “But you have a somewhat lack of even the simplest of technology in this place.”
    Borak laughed. “Well your welcome anytime, Lara.”
    “Unfortunatly sir, this is not a socail vist.”
    Borak raised his eyebrow with interest.”No?” he asked cautiously.
    “No.” was the reply. “I need your help.”


    New scene:

    Lara is on the road again. She smiles as she remembers her reunion with the old man. In her pocket is a rough map and some names. The map will lead her to a casino in the desert and the names belong to the people that own it….the casino is a front to hide their real business….Illegal Tomb Raiding!

    Most people consider rumours as innacurate information, but Lara listened carefully as Borak told her what he’d heard about the 3 people on the list. 2 men and one woman, never seen together but all thought to be in collusion. No-one could prove that they owned the casino, never mind stole artifacts from tombs and other collectors.

    She looks again at the 3 names:


    Lara is thoughfull once again. Everything has been far too easy! If these people where as secretive as she’d just heard, she shouldn’t have been able to get this far so soon.

    Lara shakes her head…this conjecture can wait until morning. She pulls over, climbs into the back of her Jeep and crawls beneath the ready sleeping bag.

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    Always on full alert, Lara is awakened suddenly by the sound of a distant vehicle. She looks at the position of the moon and stars and extrapolates how long she has been asleep – around 4 hours.

    There can’t be that many people driving through the desert at 3am. Lara bolts upright and takes out her night vision binoculars, anxiously scanning the horizon. As the sound grows closer, Lara tries to guess in which direction the vehicle is. Eventually, she sees a fast-moving jeep round a large rock off the main road.

    Coincidence? Lara doubted it. She scrambles into the front seat to drive away, but the engine, never the most reliable, splutters ineffectively. The vehicle won’t start. And the jeep is getting closer all the time.

    Lara jumps from the vehicle, grabbing her backpack and making sure she has her pistols and plenty of ammo. She runs to the nearest cave entrance to hide, knowing whomever was coming would guess where she was, but also knowing she has no choice.

    If she’s very lucky, the approaching people will be random tourists, not enemies. But Lara never was very lucky…

    Please do not contact me for game help, that's what our forums are for. 😎 

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