Legend X-Box 360 Controls


The controls shown in this section are default. You can view all the CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION settings in the Options Menu.


L – Movement: Sneak, Walk and Run.
B – Crouch/Roll.
Y – Interact/Action: while standing next to objects or vehicles. Pick up new weapon: when standing over weapon. Safety Grab: prevent Lara from falling from ledges.
A – Jump. Hold button to jump farther.
C – Rotate camera.
LB – Reset camera angle and view


L – Swim left, right, forward.
B – Dive. Hold button to dive deeper.
Y – Interact/Action/Pick up rewards. Fast stroke.
A – Swim toward the surface/Surface.
C – Rotate camera.

NOTE: When Lara is swimming underwater, her air meter slowly drains. If it runs out, Lara will start to take damage to her standard health bar (page 11). If Lara does not surface for air in time, she will drown.


LT – Combat Mode lock-on.
RT – Fire.
RB – Throw grenade/flare. Click R – Accurate Aim Mode toggle.
X – Throw grapple.
Y – Pull grapple/Interact with environmental targets (explosive barrels, etc.).
D-Pad Up – Use health pack.
D-Pad Down – Switch weapons.
D-Pad Left – Personal Light Source (PLS) on/off.
D-Pad Right – Remote Analysis Device (RAD)/Binoculars


L – Steer.
A – Accelerate.
X – Brake/Reverse.
RT – Fire weapon.
LT – Select target.
Y Shoot hazard target.
D-Pad Up – Use health pack.
R- Rotate camera.



In combat, always remember these two key elements:
■ KEEP MOVING – Keeping Lara moving is the most important factor in combat; her continually changing position slows the enemy’s advance. A moving target is much harder to hit than a static one.
■ MANIPULATE THE ENVIRONMENT – Constantly check for objects in the environment that Lara can manipulate to her advantage. For example, she can thwart enemies by blocking paths, collapsing structures, detonating nearby explosives and releasing obstacles.


LT – Lock-on target. Hold to remain locked-on.
RT – Fire weapon.
R – Change target: flick Up/Down/Left/Right during lock-on.
Pull and hold LT then press RB – Throw grenade at target.
RB – Grenade free throw: hold button for distance.


■ SLIDE ATTACK Target enemies while running toward them, then press B to slide. Lara slides into enemies, knocking them off balance and setting them up for her guns.
■ AERIAL ATTACK Press A twice when close to the enemy. With the first press, Lara jumps at an enemy. As she lands on the enemy, press A again to activate slow time, then immediately pull RT to fire, shooting the target.
■ POWER KICK Pull and hold LT and press Y to kick the target enemy away with Lara’s boot.
■ GRAPPLE Pull and hold LT and press X to use Lara’s grapple to pull enemies toward her and inflict some damage.

NOTE: Melee attacks are ineffective against animal enemies.


While Lara is locked-on to a target, she can perform various maneuvers to avoid enemy attacks.
■ ROLL – Pull and hold LT, press B and then press L in any direction.
■ FLIP – Pull and hold LT, press A and then press L in any direction.


The targeting reticle will appear when a target is within sight. The color of the reticle changes to indicate the target status:
■ GRAY RETICLE – Target is out of range.
■ RED RETICLE – Target is within rage at the current distance.
■ BLUE RETICLE – Target can be grappled.

TIP: If the target is within distance but off-screen, an arrow appears showing the direction of the target’s location.

HUD (Head’s-Up Display)


■ HEALTH BAR The health bar gauge displays Lara’s current health level. When Lara’s health gets dangerously low, you need to replenish it using a health pack (page 13) if available.
■ USE ITEMS (PLS, Health Pack, Binoculars) To use an item or gadget from Lara’s inventory, press the D-Pad in the corresponding direction:
Up – Health pack (use)
Down – Switch weapons (toggle)
Left – PLS (on/off)
Right – Binoculars (on/off)


The PDA is Lara’s automatic data capture and wireless communication device. It holds all of her mission data and real time objective and equipment information. Press Back to access Lara’s PDA, which displays the following data:
■ OBJECTIVES – Provides Lara with information on her current objectives and overall mission objectives.
■ DATA – Provides information for completed missions, and allows you to keep a tally of rewards collected while playing the missions.

COMPLETION TIME – Records your fastest time for the Mission.
GOLD REWARDS – Shows number collected and total rewards available (of each type) in the Mission.
SILVER REWARDS – Shows number collected and total rewards available (of each type) in the Mission.
BRONZE REWARDS – Shows number collected and total rewards available (of each type) in the Mission.

■ GEAR – Provides Lara with information on all her inventory. Here you can view stats and descriptions of each weapon and item Lara has.



A staple of the rough-and-rugged adventurer, health packs allow Lara to treat her injuries in the field.

NOTE: Lara can carry a maximum of three health packs.


Ultra-bright LED portable light source. Kinetically charged, the PLS shines for a limited time before shutting off to recharge.


Using her grapple, Lara can manipulate objects from a distance, climb or drop to different heights, and swing across large gaps. The grapple consists of a magnetic grapple head that can latch onto discrete, visually distinct surfaces, plus a lengthy wire and an automatic recoiler.

NOTE: The grapple can only be used on specific shiny metallic surfaces.


The RAD, a pair of high-tech lenses in Lara’s inventory, perform the following functions:
■ BINOCULARS Magnify the image in the field of view.
■ RAD MODE Analyze and provide a readout for objects in view that have significant archeological or technological interest.


■ Press D-Pad Right to activate the binoculars. (Press again to deactivate.) Pull and hold LT or RT to zoom in or out.
■ Press Y to activate RAD mode. (Press again to deactivate.)

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