TR4 – Moving & Game Settings


Pressing Up moves Lara forward at a running pace; pressing the Sprint Key makes her temporarily sprint. A small energy bar appears; when the bar depletes Lara will revert back to a run. Pressing Down makes Lara jump back a short distance. Pressing Left/Right turns Lara left/right.


Press the Walk Key with the Up/Down Cursor Keys to make Lara carefully walk forward or backward. Press the Walk Key with the Left/Right Cursor Keys to make Lara sidestep. While the Walk Key is held, Lara will not fall off any edge – if you walk up to an edge Lara will automatically stop.


Pressing the Roll Key makes Lara roll forward, and finish up facing the opposite direction. This also works underwater.


Press the Jump Key to make Lara jump straight up. If you press a Cursor Key immediately after pressing Jump, Lara will jump in that direction. Pressing Down or Roll right after starting a forward jump makes Lara somersault in the air and land facing the opposite direction. This also works when jumping backward by pressing Up or Roll immediately after takeoff. Press Jump while holding the Action Key to make Lara “inch” forward and grab those tricky ledges.



Lara can jump in and swim around in deep pools of water. She can hold her breath for about one minute (shown by an on-screen air bar). If she remains underwater after that, her health bar deteriorates; if it empties, she drowns. Pressing Up, Down, Left or Right makes Lara rotate in that direction. Pressing the Jump Key makes Lara swim. Lara can pull levers and pick up objects under water. Position Lara as close as you can to the object and press the Action Key.


Left and Right rotate Lara, and Up and Down make her swim in those directions. You can also use the Sidestep actions to swim left or right when on the surface of the water. Pressing the Jump Key makes Lara dive under the surface again. Pressing the Action Key along with the Up Cursor Key when Lara is close to an edge makes her climb out.


Lara won’t swim in waist-deep water; instead she wades. The controls are basically the same as when she is on dry land, except it is slower going and she can only jump on the spot, not in a direction.



Press the Draw Key to arm Lara with her currently selected weapon. Press the Action Key to fire the weapon.


There are now two Targeting Modes: Auto and Manual. Both modes allow you to switch lock-on from one enemy to another. To switch targets, tap the Look Key. Set Targeting Mode in Options Mode from the Main Menu.


Press the Draw Key to make Lara draw her weapon. If she sees a potential target, she will lock onto it. If there are multiple enemies, tap the Look Key to change targets. Press the Action Key to shoot at the selected target; tap the Look Key to switch to another enemy. If Lara loses sight of the enemy, the lock-on is broken.


In this mode, you must tap the Look Key for the initial enemy lock-on. You can then cycle through targets by tapping the Look Key repeatedly.


While Lara has her guns drawn, she cannot do anything using her hands. These actions are described in the following section, Other Actions.


By combining the laser sight with some weapons, Lara can enter a targeting mode used to solve some puzzles and defeat certain enemies. When the laser sight is combined with a weapon, press and hold the Look Key to enter Targeting Mode. Use the Duck and Sprint Keys to adjust your aim by zooming in/out. While in Targeting Mode, Lara cannot move.

Other Actions


If Lara is faced with an obstacle that she can climb over, pressing Up and the Action Key makes her vault onto it.


Some walls are climbable. If Lara comes across such a surface, pressing Up and the Action Key makes her jump up (if there is room) and catch handholds on the wall. She will only hang on while Action is held down. She can then climb up, down, left and right when you press the Cursor Keys. Lara can also climb around the edges of some surfaces. Pressing the Jump Key makes Lara jump backward away from the wall. When Lara arrives at the top of the ladder, she may be faced with a small opening. Pressing the Crawl Key makes Lara duck and pressing Up Cursor Key makes her crawl into the gap (if she will fit).


Lara will come across certain poles that she can climb. Either walk up to the pole and press and hold the Action Key, or run, jump and grab the pole. While climbing, keep the Action Key pressed or Lara will let go. While on the pole, press Up and Down Cursor Keys to make Lara climb up and down, Left or Right to make her rotate around the pole and the Jump Key to backflip off.


Lara grabs hold of ropes, rotates, climbs up and down and jumps off the same way as when climbing poles. To make the rope swing from side to side, press the Sprint Key. Press the Jump key to make Lara jump forward off the rope.


You can make Lara duck by pressing the Crawl Key and crawl by keeping that key pressed while using a Cursor Key to move her.


If Lara is near a ledge while she is jumping, pressing and holding the Action Key allows her to grab the ledge in front of her and hang there. If a wall is climbable, Lara can catch onto it anywhere (not just on ledges). Press Left or Right, and Lara will shimmy sideways and even around corners of certain surfaces. Pressing Up makes Lara climb up to the level above. Release the Action Key and Lara will drop.


If Lara discovers an overhead frame, she may decide to monkey swing across it. To perform this, press the Jump Key to jump up to the frame, and immediately press the Action Key to grab onto the frame. While still holding the Action Key, press Up Cursor Key to swing forward. Pressing Left/Right Cursor Keys makes Lara hang and rotate. Releasing the Action Key causes Lara to release the bars.


Lara can retrieve objects and store them in her Inventory. Position Lara in front of the object you want to retrieve. Press the Action Key and she will pick it up. Often, enemies drop objects when they are defeated; it’s always worth checking out their bodies just in case. Some objects can be broken, revealing valuable pick-ups. Objects may also be placed on blocks and hidden inside walls – in this case press the Action Key to reach in and grab it.


Many puzzles await Lara; these will take many unusual forms. You may simply need to flick a switch by positioning Lara near the switch and pressing the Action Key. For other puzzles you may need to collect two halves of an object, combine them in the Inventory and use them as a key.


Lara may need to pry items from walls or pry open doors. To do this she’ll need a crowbar. Select the crowbar from the Inventory to use it.


If Lara finds herself in the dark and has any flares in her Inventory, she can get one out and light it by pressing the Flare Key. This will light up her surroundings for a minute or so. While she is carrying the flare she can still vault or climb – flares even work underwater. To discard the flare, drop it by pressing the Draw Key. To throw the flare a longer distance, press the Flare Key again.


Lara can push certain objects around and use them to operate pressuresensitive pads. Stand in front of the object and hold down the Action Key. Lara will get into her ready stance. Press Down to pull the block, and Up to push it. To end this task, release the Action Key.


Pressing the Look Key makes the camera go directly behind Lara and look in the direction that you are currently pointing at. With the Look Key held down, the Cursor Keys allow Lara to look around her. Once you release the Look Key, the view returns to normal.

TIP: When lining Lara up for a jump, pressing the Look button will show you what direction she is facing in.


While in-game, press the Esc Key to display the Inventory. Use the Cursor Keys to navigate and the Action Key to select. Depending on the object highlighted, a menu may be displayed. For example, highlighting the crossbow presents these options:
EQUIP – Arm Lara with the weapon.
COMBINE – Allows the item to be combined with certain other items held in the Inventory, i.e. the laser sight.
CHOOSE AMMO – In some instances Lara may collect different forms of ammo. This option allows you to choose between available ammunition for your selected weapon. Press the Esc Key to exit the Inventory and return to the game.


Using a small MediPak (when collected) will restore 1/2 of Lara’s health. Using a large MediPak will fully restore Lara’s health. Beware: some enemies will poison Lara. In that case, her health bar will appear and begin to flash yellow, decreasing as it flashes. Use either a small or large MediPak as an antidote.

Save/Load Game

To save the game at any point, press F5 or display the Inventory Screen and select Save Game. Select a slot and press the Action Key. Your Save Game will be automatically named. There are a total of 10 save game slots; select a previously used slot to overwrite. To load a saved game, press F6 or select Load Game +and choose the game you wish to load.

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