Tomb Raider 2 PC Hotkeys


1 ~ 6 Directly select available weapons
8 Use Small Medi-pack
9 Use Large Medi-pack
0 Draw Flare
F1 Reduce screen resolution
F2 Increase screen resolution
F3 Reduce game window
F4 Increase game window
F5 Short-cut to Save Game Passport Page
F6 Short-cut to Load Game Passport Page
F7 Perspective correction toggle (detail level)
F12 Toggle between full-screen and window mode

Hotkeys for 3D Graphics Accelerator cards

Shift F1 Reduce colour depth
Shift F2 Increase colour depth
F7 Toggle for Z-buffering on / off
F8 Toggle bilinear filtering on / off
Shift F8 Toggle perspective correction on / off
F9 Toggle Fog on / off
F10 Toggle mip-mapping on / off
F11 Toggle dithering on / off

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