Underworld Advanced Controls (PC & XBox)



WASD or arrow keys (L) – Swim
Move mouse (C) – Rotate camera
spacebar (A) – Swim upward
F (B) – Swim downward
F (B) (during combat) – Perform quick moves to evade enemies
J (LB) – Fast swim

• When Lara swims underwater without Diving Gear, she uses up air and her Breath Meter decreases. If the meter empties completely, this directly affects her Health level; she must surface for air or risk drowning.


Lara will find objects that she can pick up and carry in her hand or arms throughout her adventures. These can be used in a variety of ways.

When Lara is close enough, she can pick up objects or remove portable poles (while hanging from them) by pressing E (Y).
• Press F (B) to place the object on the floor.
• Press K (RB) to throw the object.
• Press E (Y) to melee attack using the object.
• To place a portable pole in a hollow, move Lara nearby and press E (Y).


Lara can perform an athletic chimney jump when two suitable opposing walls are close enough for her to jump from one to the other.
• Jump toward a wall by pressing spacebar (A).
• When Lara connects with the wall, quickly press spacebar (A). Lara will jump back off the wall.
• Press spacebar (A) repeatedly to have Lara bounce upward between the walls.

NOTE: A single jump off a nearby wall can allow Lara to grab onto ledges or poles she wouldn’t be able to reach directly.


Lara has a grapple that she can use in a number of different ways: to attach to moveable objects and drag them toward her, to swing across gaps, and to climb up and down.

Once attached to a grapple point, Lara can either pull on the point that the grapple is attached to, or bend the grapple line around objects and then pull the line toward herself.


• Stand facing a ring and press Q (X) to fire the grapple line.
• Press E (Y) after connecting to pull the grapple line.
• Press F (B) to detach and retract the grapple line.


The grapple can also be used to allow Lara to climb up or down walls and cliffs. Attach the grapple as usual, and then:
• To rappel down, move Lara off the platform she’s on by walking or jumping her over the edge.
• To climb up, position Lara under the grapple point and press spacebar (A) to hang from the grapple line.
• Hold E (Y) and use the arrow keys (M / Q) to move Lara up / down.


Lara can use the grapple on a wall-mounted ring to run along the wall itself.

• Attach the grapple as usual, and then, when Lara is suspended below the grapple point, swing her left/right with the arrow keys (S/ O).
• To jump away from the wall, stop swinging and quickly press spacebar (A).


H (RT) – Fire weapon(s)
K (RB) – Throw grenade
page down (RIGHT) – Switch weapon
Hold G (LT) – Lock onto target
Move mouse left/right,  (<R/R>) – Switch target when locked on
Z (R) – Precision aim reticle on/off
E (Y) – Melee attack / Use melee weapon / Dislodge small enemies
G + Z (LT+R) – Concentrated fire (while adrenaline is available)


WASD or arrow keys + spacebar Somersault forward / back / (L+ A) left / right
WASD or arrow keys + F Multi-directional roll (L+ B)
Move toward enemy Enemy vault + spacebar (A)
Q (X) when locked on and close to target (when full adrenaline is available) – Trigger adrenaline headshot


Using certain weapons, Lara can target two enemies at the same time.

• When faced with two or more enemies, press H (pull x). Lara will automatically fire upon two enemies when it is possible to do so.


Lara can take on enemies in close quarters (melee) fighting. If holding an object, she will use it to attack:
• Press E (Y) to perform a melee attack.


Lara can dodge or confuse enemies by jumping over or off of those that are very close:
• Move toward an enemy and press spacebar (A) to perform an enemy vault.


If Lara suffers a blow from a powerful enemy attack, she will be knocked to the ground.
• Press spacebar (A) or F (B) to quickly get Lara back on her feet.


General combat will gradually increase Lara’s adrenaline level. When her Adrenaline gauge in the top left of the screen is completely full, she is able to perform an Adrenaline Headshot.

• Press Q (X) when the enemy draws close to vault off the enemy and enter Adrenaline mode.
• Move the mouse (C) to position the targeting reticle over the enemy’s head, and press H (pull x) to perform an Adrenaline Headshot.


When Lara has any amount of adrenaline stored, she can concentrate her fire on an enemy for greater damage and impact.

• Hold G (LT) to lock on to an enemy.
• Press Z (R) to activate.


Sudden, dangerous situations automatically trigger Lara’s Situational Adrenaline. In this mode, time slows down and Lara’s responses are heightened.

• When Situational Adrenaline is activated, use the standard control scheme to avoid danger.


• REGENERATION—If Lara is badly injured, her health will regenerate to a certain extent.
• FULLY REPLENISHING HEALTH—Press home (UP) to use First Aid Kits or Natural Remedies that Lara has picked up.


Lara can use a powerful high-performance motorcycle that can be adapted for use across different terrains.

• Press E (Y) to mount the vehicle.
• Use AD or the arrow keys (L) to steer.
• Press H (pull RT) to accelerate.
• Press G (pull LT) to brake/reverse.
• Press spacebar or F (A or B) for emergency brake (while moving).
• Press J or K (LB or RB) to fire Lara’s weapon.
• Press E (Y) to dismount.


If either brake is held at the same time as H (RT), the bike revs up. When the brake is released, Lara gains a burst of speed. The higher the revs, the stronger the speed burst.

• This can be performed while either moving or at a standstill.

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