Starting The Game – Tomb Raider 1


Following a short introductory FMV sequence you will be presented with the:

Passport – main game options The passport allows you to start a new game, load a previously saved game or quit. Press Enter and the passport will flip open. Pressing right and left flips you through the pages of the passport. The first page allows you to choose and load a previous save game. The middle pages will start a new game. The last page of the passport quits the game.

Polaroid – Lara’s Home.
• Choose the Polaroid to access the interactive training level. Lara will explain how the game controls work.
• To exit the Gym select the Menu Ring and use the exit options within the passport.

Personal Stereo – sound effects and music
• Press Enter on the Personal Stereo, here you will have the option to change the volume levels of both the music and the sound effects, to turn one or both off simply set the level at zero.
• Press up and down to toggle between sound and music
• Press left and right to adjust volume settings. Hand-held Game – Control configuration
• Press Enter on the Hand- held Game and you will be presented with a list of default key controls. Use the left and right cursor keys to select the user configurable keys, once here use the Cursor keys to highlight any key you may wish to change Pressing Enter on a highlighted control followed by another key will change control to that particular key.

Sunglasses – Adjust detail levels
• Use the cursor keys to scroll through various detail level options, press Enter to select.

You may also use the following keys (in game only):
F1 Toggles between high/low resolution
F2 Reduces game screen window
F3 Increases game screen window
F4 Toggle between detail windows

Select Compass to display the direction in which you are facing Weapons The pistols are, by default, selected and ready to use. If you have found any extra weapons simply select them and press Ctrl. You can also see how much ammo is available to you here.

Small Medi Pack
Using a small medi pack (when collected) will restore 1/2 of Lara’s health.

Large Medi Pack
Using a large medi pack (when collected) will fully restore Lara’s health.

Here the options open to you are Restart level, Load game, Save game or Quit to Title Screen.

Save Game
To Save your current game proceed to the Menu Ring select the Passport, turn to the Save Game page and select Save Game. Your games will be named automatically. Your full game configuration will be saved within the Save Game. You may also use F5 as a short cut key to reach the Save game Passport page.

Load Game
To load a previously save game proceed to the Menu Ring select the Passport and choose and select the game you wish to load. You may also use F6 as a short cut key to reach the Load game Passport page.

Statistics Screen
At the end of each level you are presented with a Statistics screen, here you will be able to judge just how well you have performed. At the successful completion of each level your health will be restored to 100% If you die in-game you will be presented with the Passport Screen, here you will be given the opportunity to Load (a previously saved game) Restart (level) or Quit to the Title Screen.

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